The Boys & Girls Club of Farmington had our 45th annual BBQ a week back. A huge thanks goes out to Aztec Well Service and Basin Disposal for buying a ton (literally) of brisket, and to the army of volunteers who cooked the best BBQ meal this side of Waco. Along with the Sandel family, everyone out back has been there for years and years, passing the mixing spoons down to the third generation. We appreciate the FHS Kelly Greens and PV ROTC who helped serve and clean up. And last but not least, thanks goes to the thousands of settlers who partook of the feast, bringing in over $45,000 for the club. What is the money used for? Glad you asked!

The Farmington club has close to 2000 total members, with approximately 300 coming on a daily basis. Our mission is to inspire and enable these young people to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens. To that end, multiple programs are available that promote five focus areas: 1) education 2) character and leadership, 3) sports & fitness, 4) the arts and 5) health and life skills.

There are endless needs in our community to serve the homeless and those that are victims of domestic violence or drug abuse. Many worthy organizations help address those issues, and I hope you support those causes. However, it's said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A 2007 study showed that kids who regularly attended Boys and Girls Clubs had a 35 percent reduction in absenteeism, an 80 percent reduction in serious discipline problems, and a 24 percent reduction in dropout rates. That means less kids causing havoc and more young people going on to become constructive adults that contribute to our society. That is a pretty good return on investment, no?

We really appreciate everyone who contributed to this community event. Thank you for supporting a program that WORKS!

George Sharpe

Board President – Boys and Girls Club of Farmington