This letter is for irresponsible dog owners and the City of Farmington. We moved into our home 11 years ago and really enjoyed the neighborhood. As new homes have been constructed and different neighbors have moved in, along came barking dogs, sometimes 1-3 deep in the yards. Many of these uncontrolled barking dogs are irritating and stressful. We have very nice front and back yards which are avoided, and a spooky cat that refuses to go outdoors because of the constant barking from adjacent properties.

Calling the City of Farmington Animal Control Center doesn't help much as people are allowed to leave their barking dogs out all day and late into the early night. One animal control officer told us, "...the dogs have a right to bark." Really? Rights for dogs that interfere with human rights to peace and quiet? Give me a break!! Shut the barking dogs up, or keep them in the house!! City of Farmington: please enforce the city codes that are in existence.

Rebecca A. Hunter