I am against the Navajo Nation purchase of the BHP Mine for approximately $125 million for the following reasons:

• Cost = $125 million, $85 million to BHP, $40 million for what? What is the return on investment for a high cost purchase, what sales forecasting is used?

• "I am committed to supporting NTEC in order to keep paychecks going to our Navajo people…"- Ben Shelly. Breakdown analysis results in $156,000 per employee to save approximately 800 jobs.

• Shiprock Chapter (is considering) a resolution against this purchase. Where is the Navajo peoples' request/presence in this transaction? Has NTEC presented their plans to the communities?

• Obama administration, federal EPA, objective is clean energy not continuous coal production. Look around the country; coal mines are slowing production and closing down.

• BHP machinery is deteriorated, what will it cost the Nation to repair/repurchase the machinery?

• What are the salaries of NTEC board members, are they Navajo tribal members, did they provide fiscal reports, prior history of management operations, do they understand mining? Who selected these people?

• What do NTEC and the Navajo Nation have to say about renewable energy? All they focus on is coal and the royalties from it. Why can't we invest in cleaner energy?

• Where is $125 million coming from, the Permanent Trust Fund? Does this have the approval of the Navajo people?

• What about the environmental impact of Mother Earth and pollutants of Father Sky and effects of this on our people and future generations? Are we subjecting ourselves and future generations to health problems?

W• ho is responsible for the cleanup of the mine? Where will funding for the cleanup come from?


Ben Shelly fully supports this transaction yet (vetoes) millions from Navajo Nation Fiscal Year 2014 Comprehensive Budget:

• Ben Shelly exercised line-item veto authority to veto $8.7 million.

• Cut $3 million from the Former Bennett Freeze Area and Navajo Partitioned Lands.

• Vetoed $500,000 for mileage and fuel cost for senior citizen centers, police and emergency service vehicles.

• Eliminated $3 million in Public Employment Funds for the Nation's 110 chapters, trimmed $80,000 for tribal fairs in 8 communities, $550,000 for Chapter General Activity Funds in all 110 chapters.

• Shelly did not veto $32,750 for Dine' Land Senior Rodeo Association.

• President Ben Shelly easily vetoes what he calls "unnecessary spending" and now is finding extra money to fund NTEC, beginning with $4 million, yet does not even know where $85 million will come from to actually purchase the mine! With so many questions and so much money at stake, it seems that our representative government is not taking into consideration the people. In the end, we are the ones who face the effects of coal mining and polluted air from the power plants.

Karen John