Last spring my son called to inform me that Farmington would be having a dental clinic out at McGee Park in late September and that, if I would go and get the much needed work on my teeth done, he would later pay to have them straightened. It had been several years since anything was done due to the high cost and no insurance so I was just hoping that what was salvageable would last until then.

The weekend finally got here and, beginning the previous day, I endured the fifteen hour wait in line, the torrential rains and flooding of the parking lot, the cold and the long sleepless night but by 5:00 a.m. I was well on my way to enter the dental gates of Oz. As I crossed over the threshold I observed the hustle and bustle of the so gracious volunteers who directed everyone to where they needed to go. My first stop would be the area where the vitals were taken followed by being led to the next where an Albuquerque dentist evaluated what was needing to be done. From there I was whisked away to x-ray, then extraction for two molars, on to fillings and finally fitted for "flippers".

Although every dentist, dental assistant and volunteer were so kind to be there for all of us on a mission of mercy it was at the fillings area where my faith in mankind was renewed and restored. Dr. Jacob Brown of Socorro and Dr. Parks of Aztec are my heroes. The care, the time, the concern and the compassion they gave to me were not of the present world and, until then, I had given up on ever finding another human being that truly cared about any situation I was in. Dr. Brown spent about 4 hours and about $7200.00 worth of cosmetics to my front teeth giving me back a great smile. He didn't know I was self-conscious about my front teeth and I can't thank you enough. This world would be a much better place if we could all be like you.

Lack of x-rays caused an abcess on my lower tooth two weeks later and the pain I was in was excruciating. Not knowing where to turn, my husband called the last dentist I had seen at the clinic (Dr. Parks) and he immediately took me in. He prescribed antibiotics to clear it up and then two weeks later called me back to do a root canal and other extensive work on my teeth ... all in the act of kindness. Thank you for fixing me up and God bless you for renewing my faith.

Holly McGarrh

Farmington, NM