The Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs (ADDC) and the Desk and Derrick Club of Farmington were honored to receive such wonderful and thorough coverage of the Farmington Club's 2013 Industry Appreciation Dinner and the presentation of the ADDC Distinguished Service Award to Mr. Tom Dugan. He is truly worthy of the award for his outstanding contributions not only to the local club but also to the entire Association and the energy industry.

There were, however, a few inaccuracies in the article which I would like to correct. The name of the local club is the Desk and Derrick Club of Farmington (not Derricks).

The ADDC Distinguished Service Award is not an annual award but is an ad hoc award which is presented only when a suitable candidate has been nominated by a club or clubs. The candidate can be either an individual, such as Mr. Dugan, or a corporation or organization that meets the Distinguished Service criteria. The award, which is given by the Association, has only been presented three or four times in the past decade.

ADDC, founded in 1949 and chartered in 1951, started as a "women-only" organization, but since 1988, has been equitable and both men and women members have lead the organization to its current status within the energy industry. ADDC is well-known for its members' contributions to such educational materials as the original "Fundamentals of Petroleum," "The D&D Standard Oil and Gas Abbreviator," and the ADDC Energy Activity Book.

Again, we appreciate the extensive coverage of the event but want to ensure that only accurate information about the organization is shared with the public via the news media.


2013 ADDC President-Elect