Down -- The fate of the Aztec Chamber of Commerce remains uncertain. Despite the efforts of a few dedicated business people to keep the Chamber operational, meetings were held to discuss the long-term future of the organization. A Chamber of Commerce can play a significant role in marketing and promoting a community. We hope that enough businesses see the importance of a vibrant Chamber of Commerce in Aztec and revitalize the organization.


Down -- In a long-range plan, the future of commercial airline flights at the Four Corners Regional Airport is in doubt. Residents have been spoiled by the convenience of commercial flights at the airport, and the prospect of losing the option of flying in and out of Farmington is not pleasant. We hope with prudent planning, and an economic recovery, flights will continue at the Four Corners Regional Airport.


Up -- After nearly two decades of planning, the Sheep Springs Visitor Center has opened its doors. The center will provide a rest area for travelers, but also a venue for local artisans to display and sell their wares. The long awaited center will be a welcome site to visitors to the Four Corners area.


Down -- Senseless vandalism has damaged a historic site. Officials believe vandals held a Halloween party in the Frances Canyon pueblito near Gobernador. A fire damaged the walls, and debris was scattered about. It took planning for the culprits to carry out their party in such a remote location. We hope the responsible parties come forward, claim responsibility and face the punishment, which could include a hefty fine and up to two years in prison.


Up -- The City of Farmington Parks and Recreation Department is seeking public input on new projects. It is encouraging to see the city ask for input on one of its best resources - an extensive park system. Now, it is up to residents to speak up and offer input on the future of the parks.


Up -- A grant from the National Park Services Connecting Trails to Parks program will assist in opening a trail from downtown Aztec to the Aztec Ruins National Monument. The trail will trace mule tracks used along the Old Spanish Trail nearly 200 years ago. Making access to national treasures like Aztec Ruins will be money well spent.