My boyfriend was released from prison June 28, 2013, Yes, he has a lengthy record. He has paid his debt to society. So they say.

Yes, he's on parole for two years. None of that really matters, unless of course you're trying to look for work. he has filled out over 20 applications. It's either the background check (99 percent) or the computer application. He doesn't have a computer. The library has them but listen, they give you 30 minutes once a day and so does Workforce, which is on the wrong side of town and he's afoot.

Answer me this: If a man pays his debt to society and is now ready to become a productive member of that society- How can he do this with nothing? Everything he tries keeps kicking him back down. (For one second put yourself in his shoes. If you can.)

How would feel to put all that time and effort in for nothing? He still needs to eat, have a place to sleep and buy clothes. He has no car so he walks from one end of town to the other, everyday for the last five months.

I and not asking for sympathy just for him to get a job.

I just wonder how many other parolees are running into the same problem. Give a man a chance, that's what you promised him when you released him. Isn't it?

One last thing: I can't remember her name but she works in the personnel department at Walmart, she called and tried everything she could to get him a job. But it all went back to the background check. Thank you, Ma'am. You are the only one who gave a hoot!

Johnnysue Barney