Regarding Santa Fe death row inmate Robert Ray Fry, since 2002, it's been 11 years since he was sentenced to death by a jury of his peers. Not for the murder of my one and only son and his good friend Joseph Aaron Fleming on Nov. 29, 1996, dubbed the Nov. 29, 1996 Eclectic Double Homicide.

This crime in '96 was absolutely ludicrous. The crime could have- should have been solved in the first 48 hours after the crime had been committed. If the Farmington Police Department and the city of Farmington could have taken this heinous crime seriously. But they chose to turn the other way, and left Fry out of jail. I'd been told by FPD former detective Lee Roy Miller, someone else killed your son. He tried to pin it on the store owner, alias, Alex Marquidias, John Rene ? Seifert, from Tahlequah, Okla. Common sense would told-showed him, the cherished his boot print, a size 10 Alex a mere 7 1/2 - 8 1/2. A little guy. Fry on the other hand was big then and now even bigger. His mama, too, Gloria Fry and his dad, Jim Fry, who is very ill now. They all don't look very good. Sin cannot stay hidden forever. Sooner or later it will pop up its ugly head and all will be revealed.

In '98 a man went missing, Donald Tsosie and the crime went unsolved for two years. Bludgeoned and thrown to his death off the cliffs. Then came miss Betty Lee of Shiprock. Fry lied to Miss Lee to say he didn't like to see girls cry. He offered her a ride. That would be her last one. He stabbed, kidnapped her under false pretense to help her, knowing all along why he picked her up in the first place. Fry had bad intentions towards her from the get go. Murder, again was on his sick, twisted, sadistic mind. Total over kill subjected towards all his victims. Fry was sentenced to death for kidnapping, rape and the murder of Betty Lee of Shiprock, one life sentence for Tsosie and two consecutive life sentences for the rest of Fry's fatal victims. Now the question remains the same for a lot of us. When will Fry finally pay his dues? His final appeal to the Supreme Court from death to life. I hope and pray that appeal will, too, be denied. No rhyme or reason to it. Do something, state of New Mexico. Either fry, Fry by lethal injection or let him have three life sentences with no possibility of parole, ever. And see how the misfit fits into general population. I'm sure the Dine people, the Navajo, have not forgotten, Betty Lee nor how she died at the hands of a serial killer, who can never be reformed. A little too late for that. One way or another, Robert Ray Fry will get his just deserves. may God have mercy on his soul.

I'd forgiven him for Matt, way before his arrest, for killing my son.

Matthew Carlos Frank Trecker, 18 years old, a fine young man, who loved Squeeddy's spaghetti and he loved cats and kittens. He loved being a volunteer at Lee Acres Fire Department, he liked to work and he was loved and cherished. He loved to cook and have intellectual conversations about life and people. He was a people person. Matthew was very handsome, polite, mannerly, courteous. He was a helper not a hinderer. He loved me so, as I as well loved him. He loved his step-dad, too. Jeffrey R. Trecker. We were a family, which I miss dearly. I missed his first everything, first wife, hopefully the one and only, his first child, you know he always envisioned having five children when he grew up. Which never came to pass. Because of Fry, my son's life was eternally cut short, not ever really knowing why.

Thanks to McCormick Elementary School I still have pictures of him as he grew.

Christina Trecker