The article in the Dec. 11, Daily Times under Local News section, titled: "City

Council delays vote" gets my blood boiling.

If I understand the position of a local group of concerned citizens, it's not enough that certain county officials have circumvented the legal requirements to hold public office lawfully and or constitutionally. Now I learn that County Commissioner Scott Eckstein holds two separate offices? One as county commissioner and the other as mayor of Bloomfield!

Now, as a result of the "annexation issue" regarding the mayor's city and the

county, Mr. Scott Eckstein has refused to vote on either side of the issue..! This means that as mayor and county commissioner both, the residents of the city of Bloomfield have no representation and neither do the good citizens of the 3rd District of San Juan County..!

What other evidence is needed to see that this is clearly a conflict of interest..?

Taxation without representation is an understatement..! This clearly deprives the residents of both the city of Bloomfield and the residents of the county of any representation in exchange for their vote, and likewise subjects them to a condition of peonage as they now have absolutely no economic position in the appropriation and or the disbursement of public funds.

Consequently, assuming that Mr. Eckstein is collecting a salary for both public offices, why isn't this considered misappropriation of tax-payer funds and does this qualify as a violation of the Ethics in Government Act?

If either condition applies, where is the public out-cry and where are those timid souls who swore an oath to defend and protect "We The People?"


San Juan County