Daily Times readers would be well advised to note the OPINION banner head on the last page of section one and take anything they read, of any slant, with a grain of salt, if not an emetic.

The commentary by Rick Jensen in the Tuesday, Jan. 7, edition of the Daily Times purports to explain that because the Obama administration is lying the national debt isn't really declining, sort of (I guess).

It is not necessary to rely on anything provided by the Obama administration whatsoever to know what the facts are regarding the federal deficit.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is a non-partisan (if you believe otherwise then there is simply no reasoning with you and you might as well not read further) arm of the U.S. Congress that is tasked with providing accurate data (and projections based on best accounting practices) to the government.

Here are the figures (which are readily available online) from the CBO on the national debt:

2009 - 1.4 trillion (last budget of the Bush administration)

2010 - 1.3 trillion

2011 - 1.3 trillion

2012 - 1.1 trillion

2013 - 901 billion (CBO projection)

I'm not a math wiz but I'm pretty sure 901 billion is less than 1.4 trillion. Period.

Now the question that is amenable to discussion is: WHY is the deficit declining? The main reason is that the economy is recovering from the Great Recession and therefore government revenue collections from taxes are increasing faster than expenditures.