Recently I stood in a checkout line while the customer ahead of me put out cash for cigarettes after using the EBT (Food Stamps) card for groceries. My blood pressure went up. It upset me that I, a taxpayer, was subsidizing the food stamps so that person could buy an unhealthy product.

Another insult was put in my face when I picked up the Monday Daily Times.

The editorial cartoon for that day depicted a bloated character labeled Agri-Biz subsidies alongside a pitifully thin character labeled food stamps. The day before, the paper featured an Associated Press article that stated 15 percent of the farm bill was for farm subsidies and the rest went for food stamps. The rest equates to 85 percent of the Farm Bill that is for food stamps or SNAP as it is now called. I am left to believe the cartoonist/artist has not read the farm bill or failed mathematics or both.

As the columnists say - full disclosure - I was raised on a farm in the Midwest. My family in Iowa farms mostly corn, soybeans and hay. They also run a cow/calf operation. Some of the family members have off-farm jobs in order to stay on the farm. Farmers and ranchers pay premiums for crop insurance and insurance to cover losses caused by cattle rustling, etc. They have no control over events such as being hailed out, flooded out or droughts or an early snow storm such as hit in the upper Midwest last fall when ranchers lost many of their cattle including the cows that would have produced calves this spring. If you studied economics 101, think supply and demand.