We need to make a lot of changes to our schools and I applaud her efforts. I find it very interesting that one of her greatest critics is Senator Clemente Sanchez of Grants, who complained that under Ms. Skandera the state "has put the handcuffs on our education system and our teachers." Based on what I saw when I lived in Grants, that school system needs some serious oversight.

When my son was getting ready to graduate from Grants High School in 2006 he told me one of his friends, along with four other senior boys, would not be allowed to graduate because they failed English. However, when we attended the graduation ceremony we saw my son's friend receive his diploma. I asked my son what happened and he told me the Grants High School counselor called all five boys into her office before graduation, gave them an exam, and, miracle of miracles, they all passed English and were allowed to graduate.

I was incredulous when I heard this so I called the high school principal to confirm this, and he told me it was true. To this day I am still amazed that was allowed to happen. This is just one example of how our New Mexico schools are hurting our kids and our state by passing kids on when they have not met the requirements to graduate. What happened in Grants in 2006 shows me that school system in particular needs handcuffs, and Senator Sanchez should work with Ms. Skandera and Governor Martinez to change his school and the rest of our schools for the better.