The article in the Daily Times on Feb. 11 (on Common Core educational standards), left a few things out.

The meeting was attended by about 20 parents-true-because not every parent knew about it. Most parents didn't find out about the meeting until after it was held.

Why? Because the curriculum team for Farmington Municipal Schools announced it on Facebook!

When it was time to vote on the school bond - every parent I know received a phone call or an email, most received both. It was on every school sign, really hard to miss.

If Common Core and the grading system are so great, why not have a meeting with every parent invited. let the parents know about this meeting the same way the district lets us know about the school bond.

I have called the school district many times, I have emailed members of the school board, I have heard "be patient," so many times I've lost count.

I've been living the dream since the beginning of the school year. My patience has run out.

What I really want to know is, why? What is wrong with the old grading system? Who does the new one benefit? If this new way is so great, why is it so hard to explain? Why do I have to be patient?

It seems to me that all the kinks should have been worked out before the school district put this mess into play.

My son gets good grades, he's on the honor roll and he is a good kid.

When he tells me he doesn't have to do an assignment because it doesn't count as a grade-I know we have a problem.

I checked power school, sure enough, right on it, it says, "assignment not included in final grade."

Is this what we really want to teach our children? Just do what you have to, no more.

Personally, I want the grading system to go back to the way it was, where you earn your grade with hard work. Where you do all your assignments and get graded on all your assignments. Back to where hard work pays off!

If the school district really wants our children to become successful adults, teaching them to just do enough to get by is not going to fly. It won't work in college and it sure won't work in the workplace.