Saturday's editorial page had two columns that at first glance had very little in common; one against the idea of settled science on climate change and the other for raising the minimum wage. But, both climate change and minimum wage are examples of how by taking small manageable problems and turning them into huge problems solved only by government, puts more controls on people making them more dependent on an expanding government.

The settled science of climate change is based on models of what might happen over the next fifty years. Thats' not science. thats someone's guess. Remember, there was a time that a model was made of the solar system that put the Earth in the center of the solar system. That was settled science at the time. Science is measuring the here and now. That was done when the smog was cleaned out of LA, theCuyahoga River was cleaned up along with many many other places in the country. Specific problems were found and measurable steps were taken that produced measurable results. Yes, environments need to be cleaned up but that can be done in measurable ways with results that can be seen.

As with minimum wage, only a small number of people who are earning minimum wage are heads of households living in poverty., Those trying to raise a family on minimum wage should and are being helped with SNAP, earned income tax rebates and other programs. It is less costly to to the economy to give specific help to those that need it than to give raises to those that are in households earning far above the poverty rate, such as teenagers in their first job. Minimum wage jobs are jobs on the bottom rung of the ladder of success. Those stuck on that rung trying to raise a family should be helped. Those trying to get on that ladder should not be blocked from getting there because it's too costly. Once again solve the problem with ideas that have direct results for those that need it.

In the world of "1984" Big Brother always had a global enemy that kept changing so there would always a reason to control the people. Let us keep the problems in a manageable level that intrudes the least on the lives of people.