Not that I am the most law-abiding person on the Rez, I want to share with your readers a couple of thoughts and casual comments on what we see almost daily in our newspapers.

One scenario is a sub-committee of the Navajo Nation council defying an opinion of the

Navajo Nation Attorney General (AG) regarding actions by the sub-committee. I assume

that this dilemma is caused by so-called politics. But I see the matter differently as a sheep camp resident. I would rather expect that the AG's opinion, (based on substance in the interest of the Navajo Nation) prevails as our law on the Rez. especially if substantiated and re-enforced by the courts of the Navajo Nation.

Further, if our courts so rule, wouldn't the elected officials on the sub-committee be in breach of the laws they individually swore to uphold? Wouldn't our elected leaders who mis-spent the discretionary funds also be in the same boat?

Meanwhile, the Department of Justice (DOI) appears to be saying that this is all okay and that our leaders dragging criminal charges can keep on serving as our leaders. Also they can-be re-elected regardless. Is there no end to this trend?

It is no wonder that a brilliant Associate Justice of the Navajo Nation Supreme Court years ago used to refer to the Navajo Tribal council as of "that lawless bunch". This labeling by a former Associate Justice was made over 20 years ago and the alleged wanton behavior of our leaders was not a daily news item then nor was it a weekly cartoon featured in the Navajo Times.

So the downward trend of our government is like the progressive disease of alcoholism for which there has to be an effective intervention (without an "I dare you" due process) in order to stop.

Finally, why do we have an Attorney General if we can simply ignore him or her? At least our current AG cited specific existing tribal laws in the interest of the Navajo people, particularly those suffering from ill-health and deformities caused by uranium in the Church Rock area and numerous other areas on Navajo land. Surely there are other alternative sources of energy which are not globally destructive.

Thank you for printing my letter as is.