After reading Ryan Boetel's front page article "County Charges Bannowsky" in the Feb. 22, Daily Times, it occurred to me that we are fearfully headed in the wrong direction. How have we come to a place in America, where our government employees have allowed themselves to become so blinded with the lust for money and power, that they would openly, illegally and ruthlessly, go after a law abiding elderly member of our community who is guilty of injuring no one, and yet has been frivolously charged with 27 Criminal Counts of violating a County Ordinance which carries a potential 58,000.00 fine and up to six years in jail?

It's almost too much to believe and yet begs the following questions,

1.) Where did the County Commission get the "Lawful Authority" to charge anyone of

a criminal act?

2) What state law authorized code compliance "employee" Fred Frost (posing as an officer of the law, with apparent police powers) to ignore "due process" in violation of Article II of the New Mexico constitution?

3.) According to Bannowsky and other witnesses in the courtroom, Magistrate Judge Carla Dial also that county employee Frost, may also appear not only as the "plaintiff," but may also act as the "prosecutor" in some cases although he is not understood to be a member of the bar. That being said, how is it that he has apparently been granted an exemption by the (non-governmental) Bar Association, but the rest of the general public is to remain in "a condition of Peonage" in such matters?

It should be obvious to even the most politically intoxicated individual at this point and time, that such government conduct was never authorized by the people.

In an effort to protect their own health, safety and welfare, maybe the citizens of this county should consider a replacement and or a "re-call" of such elected officials and replace them with those who are willing to lawfully qualify for such offices and then honor their oath of office" to protect and defend the liberties and freedoms of the people.

Government's only "Lawful right to exist!"