You should do your homework before you publish an editorial like the one in Sunday's paper concerning the Ten Commandments. You are not against the Ten Commandments because of the message, but because of the reference to God. You say that you have no problem with the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address.

You are not against the Declaration of Independence even though it references God once, a Creator once, and Divine Providence once?

You are not against the Gettysburg Address yet it references God, in the context of this Nation being "Under God"?

You did not condemn the U.S. Supreme Court Building which has the Ten Commandments as well as a sculpture of Moses holding the Ten Commandments?

You point out that there is a disclaimer at the monument in Bloomfield that the monument is not necessarily the view of the City of Bloomfield, but you must have overlooked the sign that explains that all the monuments were financed by private donations, and that other private organizations have the right to have their own monuments placed at the same location if they finance them.

If these Wiccans, whatever they are, want a monument, why don't they just raise the funds and place one instead of trying to dictate to the rest of us, with the obvious blessings of this paper, what is right and wrong.