I have attended three meetings on the new grading system that the Farmington School District has adopted. When the board members were asked, "Why change?" the answer we got was, "The old grading system wasn't working."

Recently, my son received a 55 percent on a test. I wanted to know why he scored so low. I asked the teacher and the answer was, "It wasn't graded yet. He must have turned it in late." Say what? Then why wasn't it marked as a 0 percent? I was told, "Teachers can't give a 0 percent. It goes into the grading book as an NE, No Evidence, was given, which equals a 55 percent." Is this how our school district is going to fix the failing schools? Boost the grades so it looks like the schools are doing better, when in reality nothing has changed as far as performance?

I want my son to earn his grades. If he doesn't turn in a paper, give him a zero. Don't give him a 55 percent.

Is our school district more concerned about the numbers than they are about our kids? I guess the answer to that is in the new grading system.

I think it's time to replace these board members with people who will boost performance, not give out grades that aren't earned.

If you are as upset about this as I am, please, let our school district know you do not support this.

Isn't this kind of like "cooking the books?" Just asking.