Twenty some years ago, I wrote a letter similar to this to The Daily Times about McKinley Elementary School. I am so pleased to be able to write the same kind of letter today. My three adult children and one of their spouses all attended McKinley as children. Now two of my granddaughters go there. I am so happy to see that the quality of education, love of the students, and continuing support to parents has not diminished over the years.

I attended an assembly to watch one of my granddaughters receive an award. This kiddo has been struggling with her reading skills. Her teacher, Mrs. Triplett has worked with her and her parents to increase my granddaughter's skills and to increase her joy of reading. I am so grateful to this teacher for giving her this award, and putting a huge smile on her face.

Throughout the grandkids' years at McKinley they have had such awesome teachers. Mrs. Miller, their kindergarten teacher is right up there with a rock star in their opinions. Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Shaheen, Mr. Hyder, Mrs. Myers and Mr. Shinsky have been wonderful educators and compassionate role models for our kids.

Mrs. Depew is a super music teacher who has the kids put on super music programs. Mr. Brummell keeps them moving in P.E. (not to mentioned under his guidance McKinley raised over $12,000 for the Heart Foundation, more than any other school in the state!). Mrs. McCarval has done some fun after-school art projects with the kids. Dolores (sorry I don't know her surname) is in charge of the Latch Key Program and is wonderful. She always has special treats and project for these kids to do around each holiday or special occasion. I have never picked up my kiddos when everyone of the kids there weren't engaged in some kind of activity. She is a very kind, and generous person.

It seems these days that teachers are taking the brunt of criticism for the problems in our schools. I want people to know that if you have a child or grandchild at McKinley you have an excellent group of professional, caring, sharing, enthusiastic teachers and assistants working with and for your kids.

Thanks all of you at McKinley who give your all to our kids. Your efforts are very much appreciated!