Bloomfield's Mayor, Scott Eckstein, and City Manager, David Fuqua, try to blame the City's insurer, New Mexico Municipal League, for paying Julie Rasor and Julie Baird $200,000 to settle the discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit against City Manager David Fuqua. Mayor Eckstein and City Manager Fuqua claim there was no basis to the lawsuits.

In my 33 years of practicing law, I have never seen an insurance company pay $200,000 to settle a lawsuit that had no basis. Eckstein and Fuqua failed to inform the citizens of Bloomfield that they approved the payment of $200,000 to settle the lawsuit. The dismissal of the charges against City Manager Fuqua was done because of the settlement agreement not because of his proclaimed innocence.

The citizens of Bloomfield can review the public record of Ms. Rasor's and Ms. Baird's lawsuit including the testimony of Mayor Eckstein and City Manager Fuqua and decide for

themselves why the insurance company and the City of Bloomfield decided it was in their best interests to pay $200,000 to avoid a trial. Information about the lawsuit is available on the U.S. District Court website, www.nmcourt.fed.us, and citizens can submit requests to the City Clerk of Bloomfield under the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act for the deposition testimony of the mayor and the city manager given in the lawsuit.



Attorney for Julie Baird and Julie Rasor