Should they pay college athletes I ask myself? As I read more into what happen in Northwestern. I don't fully agree with the idea of paying college athletes. Will the athletes try and better their education, and not depend on the pay from the NCAA. If they do get paid it should go towards their education not in their wallets.

As a former high school athlete, I don't think it's a right decision in paying athletes. They should go for the love of the sport, and making a name for themselves not for a pay check. How will they get paid from the profits of what they make in games, or will tax payers pay for it? Also will the whole team get paid or only the varsity players get paid? Most athletes' careers end in college, or they get injured during their career and can no longer play. What happens then? Does that also mean being paid for only four years. Would you think they want more then only four years? Wouldn't they want to look forward towards a great career, and not a two percent chance of making the roster? There are so many question that everyone will ask, and not everyone will agree.

They should be happy to play also due to the fact that out of the millions of athletes who try to make the team they are the few to be selected. In my opinion they should be focused on a career and not a four-year pay check, and that judge from Northwestern should have seen that. The only thing I can see good out of this is it will get more high school athletes to go out and dream and try to make it to college. I do not agree with this plan of paying college athletes.



San Juan College (student)