When I first moved from the Northeast to New Mexico three years ago, I saw the desert for the first time. When friends back home asked me if it was strange to be in such a drastically different environment ("wait-there's no grass!") I couldn't really answer. It was certainly a big change, but a good one. I look out the window and see the mountains. I drive on the interstate and see endless expanses speckled with dry bush; for the first time, I can see the stars at night in my backyard. New Mexico has an amazing natural and human history that's present nearly everywhere you look, and people should be fighting any force that threatens such an amazing resource.

I worry that if companies begin fracking, especially around a World Heritage Site like Chaco Canyon New Mexico's legacy will be in danger of destruction. People from around the country may not be able to see the beautiful geology and history the southwest has to offer, and New Mexicans may be risking their health, their environment, and cultural accomplishments because of the destructive nature of the chemicals used in fracking. I strongly encourage the Bureau of Land Management to stop Big Oil from fracking so we can keep New Mexico as gorgeous as it currently is.