I am originally from Virginia and one of the main reasons I decided to come to New Mexico and attend the University of New Mexico is because of its' rich archaeological history. New Mexico is known for its' amazing archaeological sites like Folsom, Clovis, and Chaco Canyon. Chaco Canyon is a fascinating and important site that is still shrouded by mystery. Archeology in New Mexico is one of the main ways we can educate our youth on the importance and diversity of history in America.

New information and finds are discovered at Chaco Canyon all the time which expand and change our understanding of the ancient people in America. Just recently, Dr. Patricia Crown from the University of New Mexico performed a residue analysis on ceramic vessels found within Chaco Canyon, which found the presence of cacao. This one test brought new information to light, showing the puebloan people traded with the ancient Maya.

If fracking operations begin outside Chaco Canyon it could potentially destroy important and unexplored Chacoan sites inhibiting future research and knowledge from being brought to light. I urge the Bureau of Land Management to protect Chaco Canyon from fracking.