I am a retired captain with the San Juan County Sheriff's Office. I have worked in and have supervised every division in the department. I have worked for all nine sheriffs we've had since 1981. This list has at least two criminals among its numbers, but also contains a couple of outstanding leaders, including Conn Brown (not to be confused with Doug Brown). The very best sheriff of these nine, by a wide margin, is Ken Christesen.

We don't need a bunch of malcontents, but rather strong people who have demonstrated their ability to stand tall and take action. There are always thoughtless, immoral citizens and a few malicious employees. One individual in particular has recently plumbed the depths of others shortcomings to incite them to take irresponsible action. They must be held accountable. The current ring of Nay Sayers lacks vision and genuine leadership. They stir controversy and point fingers while making the occasional unrealistic, irresponsible promise to spend more tax dollars.

The voters of San Juan County are wise to the Wanna Be's tactics and will soon send a resounding message of confidence in the continually advancing incumbent Sheriff Ken Christesen.

Take the time to vote in the June primary.