Christesen and all the candidates running for the sheriff's office claim they are for the people and will defend their rights. the problem is who will defend the people from them?

In a letter to the editor in your newspaper the story of Mr. Cruz really exemplifies this point. Someone who does not let a law enforcement officer on their property is (in danger of having?)willing to have their face shoved in the dirt. Who knows he probably will go to jail while this officer who by all appearances has no reason to be on his property is a hero.

Christesen speaks pompously about being for the people and calls liberals sheep if they are not for gun rights. Someone who condescends to be treated unjustly is a sheep, liberal or not.

The true patriots will speak up when they see mistakes being made by those in public office. File complaints to the city, write letters to the editor, as well as go all the way and become incarcerated if the individual is right legally.