UP — From the hundreds of American flags set up in the "Healing Field," to the release of doves on Memorial day, our part of the Four Corners did an appropriately reverential job of remembering those who have given their lives in military service to our country. Also, our feature on 92-year-old Arsenio "Archie" Lopez chronicled the experiences of a World War II combat veteran. Lopez survived the hell that killed so many on Omaha Beach during the Normandy invasion. We salute Lopez and the others who put themselves in harm's way. Volunteers from Parker's Office Products in Farmington helped set up the flags. We endorse the sentiment expressed by the company's general manager, Jeff Smith: "I think we really wanted to recognize the holiday for what it is, and not just a chance to have another day off."


UP — It's good to see people stepping up to try and help a family — and, in particular, a seven-year-old boy — that suffered injuries at the hands of a drunken driver. We reported earlier this week that Ethan Murray was still in a coma after suffering a fractured skull, a broken jaw and lacerations to the back of his head. A man in a large pickup truck rear ended the vehicle occupied by Ethan and his family. Ethan sustained the most serious injuries. He remained unconscious and sedated while his body was recovering from the trauma. The good news is that he was in stable condition. Home Depot deserves credit for offering to help the family financially. And, after learning of the family's problems, the community responded by putting on fundraisers, including a concert, motorcycle run and athletic challenge. It's a positive response to a tragic situation. We hope young Ethan has a full recovery.


DOWN — As the Farmington City Council approved a revised agreement with San Juan County to take its stray cats and dogs, a few numbers popped out. In fiscal year 2013, the city impounded 2,277 dogs and 1,571 cats trapped in the county. That doesn't include Farmington, Aztec or Bloomfield. Under the agreement the county will pay about $350,395 — a little more than half — of the city shelter's operational costs. The new $4.6 million shelter opened earlier this year. Given these numbers and the expectation that they likely will rise in coming years, people should take spaying and neutering their pets seriously. One could argue that allowing your pets to haphazardly reproduce is cruel given the number of animals that will be put to death. But even if you are a hard-hearted realist and are only looking at the bottom line, the irresponsibility of not having animals spayed or neutered is costing taxpayers a significant amount of money.


UP — Connie Mack is in the air. The city leagues are beginning to play to see who will represent Farmington when the Connie Mack World Series begins in August. The city league games bring in talent from around the Four Corners region and provide an early look at some of the players you might see in the series. Baseball is a sublime sport where strategy sometimes trumps pure athletic ability. We look forward to heading to Rickets Park to enjoy the games.