Despite the anti-Governor Martinez smears coming from Democratic candidates during their primary, my faith in Governor Martinez is unchanged. She's already done big things to improve our state, and I think we need to give her another four years so she can continue moving our state forward.

It's important not to forget just what a mess New Mexico was when Bill Richardson left office. We had the largest structural deficit in state history, a state unfriendly to business and an education system that was failing our kids.

Governor Martinez has begun to make progress. She eliminated the deficit completely by cutting waste. Naysayers had said she'd have to break her campaign promise not to raise taxes, and raise them, but she proved them wrong.

Not only did Governor Martinez keep her promise to never raise taxes – she even cut them a grand total of 24 times. It's a big part of her plan to diversify New Mexico's economy by expanding the private sector Growing the sector will help end our state's reliance on federal spending, which has become undependable because of Washington's dysfunction.

Of course, our long-term economic health depends on the quality of our education system, and that's why Governor Martinez is fighting so hard to improve it. She's put into place accountability measures and ensured that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. We're already seeing results: reading rates are up, and a recent study showed New Mexico had increased its graduation rate more than any other state in the union.

Governor Martinez has done a great job. Let's keep her on the job in November.