Editors Note: This letter is in response to a guest column published in The Daily Times' Sunday opinion section by Hoskie Benally, a Central Consolidated School District board member.

We believe the column contains grossly false and distorted statistical information. The letter ignores socio-economic conditions -- including no housing in the market place on the reservation for teachers. It also ignores the teacher shortage across San Juan County, and across the state.

Further, the tone of the letter, like a cancer, seeks to cause harm to education by attempting to tear apart anything it can at the expense of our students to advance its own agenda. We have a tremendous teaching and support staff, principals, and students who deserve our support. We are very fortunate that our parents and communities, along with our schools, staff, and administration, provide the support our students need to be successful. That is where our district's focus is.



Public Relations and Information Officer

Central Consolidated School District