With the help of three young ladies doing community service, I was able to do a big clean up on my property. I took a pick up load of trash to the Kirtland transfer station; my first trip to dump trash since they started to charge. I've been recycling and burning trash.

When I backed up to the dumpster, I was surprised when my truck was stopped by one of those concrete parking things just short of the dumpster. There was about a two foot space between my tailgate and the dumpster. On my last trip I was able to just slide the trash off the back of my truck into the dumpster. This space prevented that. I pointed that out to the nice lady who worked there. She said it was an OSHA rule. There was also a safety bar above the edge of the dumpster. So, because of some people who seem to be unable not to fall into the dumpster, I have to carry my trash two feet to the dumpster, dropping some on the ground and having the wind blow dust, trash and dirt into my face. I had to work harder and under more dirty conditions because someone who probably should be culled from the herd might fall off the back of their truck into the dumpster.