I and many other citizens are appalled at how our country is being destroyed by our open southern border with thousands of people flooding into our country, many of them CHILDREN! This is not only insane to those of us who keep informed with truth from credible sources other than the LAMESTREAM media, but also to anyone with common sense.

President Obama is a part of an evil cabal that intends to erase our borders and force our country's wealth to be shared with the rest of the world. His administration has sent out the message, "Send us your children, and our citizens will have sympathy and feed and care for them, and we won't send them back." And the plan is, once these children are taken care of, to then use them as anchors to bring in their parents and other relatives. Thus, children of all ages are being sent by the thousands into our country from Mexico and Central America.

Both the Democrats and many Republicans are complicit in this travesty to destroy our constitution, impoverish most of us, and control us under socialism. Democrats want these illegal aliens as thousands of new voters, and Republicans want these illegals for their cheap labor, and that includes not having to deduct Social Security and federal taxes from their wages! Power and control is the bottom line; it will greatly increase the ability of these government elites to exploit the rest of us.

As the richest and freest country, the United States has been the envy of the world, and that's why immigrants come here. We're rich because our freedom has unleashed our ingenuity, creativity, and productivity, Capitalism is the key.

When people are allowed to compete in a system that allows the individual to work and create for his own gain - to keep more of the fruits of his labor - they produce goods and services of higher quality, for the lowest price, in the greatest amount, which are then sold to everybody else, which raises everybody's standard of living. But people must work, in order to gain, Those who don't work, don't eat, unlike in our growing government dependency system. But millions more unskilled ILLEGAL immigrants will only increase the number of takers with not enough producers to support us all, and our country will end up being no longer rich and no longer free!