When you get to be my age, you seldom get a new idea. One day after reading the Daily Time's scientific weather forecast for the upcoming week, an idea so profound and obvious struck me like a bolt of lightning.

Change the Daily Times "Baghdad Bob" weather report to read; "No chance of rain until August first." (The first day of the Connie Mack world Series.) Why not give your weather forecast some creditability for a change? After that use the usual ; "t-storm possible in the afternoon, and t-storm in the evening."

Another solution would be to move the Seven-Day Forecast to the comic section where it belongs. It is always funnier than most of your comics. Especially that last bunch of funnies you added a couple of months ago.

If un-informed newcomers moved to Farmington and read your daily weather forecast, they would rush to the nearest insurance agent and take out the maximum flood damage policy possible. Why not send the last six month's weather forecasts to the Federal Government?

FEMA would rush out here and give Farmington Katrina-like big bucks for all of that predicted rain damage. Also the Daily Times could use the sand bags they always send to stuff those precious newspapers in.

The last problem, (to which I have no solution) is how to keep the EPA from declaring

Farmington a wet area. Once this declared, all slimy creatures, (lawyers and politicians not included) would have to be protected. Taxes would have to be raised, fines applied, more government officials hired etc., etc.

On second thought, just keep on predicting your daily afternoon and evening t-showers. Your faithful readers will keep on pretending to believe them. Why get the Government involved?