My family and I left for vacation on July 1st. This is our regular trash and recycling day and it was picked up before we left. It was very obvious we were headed out of town as we have a fifth wheel, it was parked and being packed in front of our house. We have had two recycling bins and one trash bin for over four years. We throw out more recycling material vs. trash. Great for the environment, correct? We have done recycling for nine years, before it was curbside and charged for on our City of Farmington bill, whether or not you choose to do so. My sister in law was kindly collecting our mail, feeding our cats and keeping watch over our house while we were away. She called us on Wednesday and asked if we did something with the second recycling bin as it was missing. Needless to say, we all got a little nervous thinking someone was on our property. It never reappeared. I called Waste Management upon returning home, July 9th. Customer service advised me they did an audit in our neighborhood and those who had two recycling bins had one taken away. If we want two bins, we have to pay an additional $2.98 per month. Without notification or warning, they came onto our property and removed it. There are many in our neighborhood who don't recycle but have two trash bins instead. They did not remove these and I would be surprised if they actually charge for an additional bin. We are very upset over this situation. We try to help protect our environment, then get charged and surcharged by doing so. Really?