Did the mayor overstep his authority? I think so. What a cop out.

The mess at the city's human resource building at the mayor's doorstep was part of my complaint which is still present. The painting for the parking is getting battered severely by the weather and does pose a serious safety concern for visitors coming to pay their light bill or looking a job. Is that on the blind side?

The mess at the post office as reported existed way long before Steve Begay took helm of the postmaster a little over a year ago. Where was the mayor all that time? It's a mystery why he decided to take the matter through the media and court until a Native American became the postmaster. It's totally unfair.

There are other issues of concern the mayor should be concerned about other than targeting Mr. Begay at the post office. I would like to address the lack of school zone posted around the Gold Star Academy on North Auburn Avenue. As it is presently some people mainly the young people and motorcyclist race through there like they were nearing the finish line at the Indy 500 raceway. The safety of the kids is not a bit concern to the city officials at this time. A flashing yellow light might suffice.

Finally, the road improvement project on 20th Street and Municipal that has been going on for more than three months is a troubling concern to many drivers. Due to this road improvement, Auburn Avenue is the bypass route and traffic does get very heavy which causes more safety concerns. The work is moving a snail's pace.