UP — The City of Farmington has put on its best face for the annual Connie Mack World Series. Now in its 50th year at Rickett's Park, the tournament brings in some of the best baseball players from across the country and Puerto Rico. The series has had many exciting games this week, leading up to tonight's championship game. The 50th anniversary series began with a grand opening ceremony that included skydivers, a new mascot, fireworks and an induction ceremony into the Hall of Fame. One usual feature of the CMWS week has been absent this year, but certainly not missed: The monsoon rains!


UP — Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe is in discussion with the Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety on a memorandum of understanding to allow his officers the ability to make arrests in Navajo sovereign territory. As Chief Hebbe stated, crimes often are committed in Farmington only to have the suspects drive onto the Navajo Nation in an attempt to avoiding arrest. Or, crimes are committed on the Nation and suspects drive into Farmington. Currently the FPD is powerless to arrest the suspects. This MOU would allow officers to pursue and bring suspects back to the jurisdiction of the crime.


DOWN — Violent crime continues at an alarming pace in San Juan County. Monday alone there was news of a murder suicide in Aztec, an armed woman in a 6-hour standoff with police and a high-speed incident with a suspected drunk driver in the downtown area resulting in crashes involving 5 vehicles. Tuesday a drive by shooting aimed at young children was reported. A suspect is in custody, accused of shooting an air gun at the children. And a report of "car tipping" was reported in Farmington. We hope cases are prosecuted swiftly and appropriate sentences are handed down. The crime spree needs to end.


DOWN — Sometimes good news merely masks a darker story. Such was the case with the release of the most current unemployment numbers. The Unemployment rate for Farmington dropped from 6.6 percent in May to 6.5 percent in June. Unfortunately, the number of jobs fell by almost 1,000 since June 2013. Mayor Tommy Roberts hinted at one additional cause for concern being an unskilled workforce. He estimates that there are 600-700 jobs unfilled due to the lack of qualified applicants. We continue to hope that the Mancos shale play brings additional jobs soon and that economic development leaders continue to push for diversification in our market.