I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone or another dimension. Much of the world, especially the political left, is starting to condemn Israel for the deaths of innocent Palestinian children by the Israeli military. But those responsible are plainly the cowardly Hamas terrorists, and not Israel! Israel's Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, has stated the matter clearly by saying that Israel sacrifices missiles for children, while Hamas sacrifices children for missiles. This is true, as Hamas hides their missiles in homes, schools and hospitals to deliberately provoke Israel to bomb these places and kill innocent children to provoke the rest of the world rise up against Israel. The Israelis, on the other hand, drop leaflets from the sky to warn innocent Palestinians to flee the areas before Israel attacks targets Hamas missile locations.

Hamas is just a bunch of evil liars, who have indiscriminately fired thousands of missiles into Israel, and agreed to ceasefires only to have enough time to restock and prepare for their next missile attack! They have broken every cease-fire they've agreed to, just as soon as they were prepared to attack again! Furthermore, the Hamas Charter calls for the total destruction of Israel. Israel is not to blame for merely trying to defend itself from extinction and is not guilty of "crimes against humanity." The entire Hamas organization is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!

The reason there have now been thousands of Palestinian deaths in this conflict and less than 100 Israeli deaths is that Israel has a superior defense system, called the Iron Dome, which has stopped more than 90 percent of Hamas' missiles. I'm about to go crazy when I hear the loony voices of the left demanding Israel share this technology with their Muslim enemies in the interest of "fairness!"

Israel is tiny, about the size of New Jersey, and is surrounded by large Islamic countries that would like to see it destroyed. The source of this irrational hatred is spiritual and demonic. This is a religious war of Islam versus Judaism/Christianity, of Satan versus Jehovah. These Muslim countries will never be appeased until Israel is gone. When it comes to Hamas and the Palestinians, the Israelis will stop attacking them when Hamas stops attacking Israel. It's as simple as that.

In the meantime, Israel must do whatever's necessary to survive, whether it's destroying Hamas missiles or tunnels or by more radical measures!