I have been keeping up with the news concerning the Ten Commandments in your city. Our city had faced a similar situation two years ago. Two atheists sued our school district stating the Ten Commandments Monument on school property, which had been there for more than 50 years, violated their FREEDOM FROM RELIGION. They believe in nothing.

Something good always comes from a bad situation. In our case, God intervened. It only made our community closer. A group was formed and more Ten Commandments signs and stone monuments were erected and placed all over our city, in home owners' yards, in and on business properties and on numerous church lawns, in town, out of town,

EVERYWHERE. There's no where the atheists can come to our city and not come face to face with the Ten Commandments Monument or signs. I have the Ten Commandments sign in my front yard.

Bloomfield, your Freedom Of Religion is at stake. The atheists also violated your rights as a U. S. Citizen for your Freedom Of Religion. Don't let them win. Your city needs to counter sue them for violating your rights for disrupting, disturbing, and infringing the surety of peace in your city.

After two years, our Commandments monument is still standing on school property. They aren't winning here!

Good luck Bloomfield and I hope to God the monument stays where it is.

God Bless the Ten Commandments and God Bless America.



Connellsville, Pa.