Mid-Mountain Trail » Many people may think of Park City's Mid-Mountain Trail as a single ride. You get on it at Deer Valley, ride it to the Canyons and take a shuttle back.

That isn't a bad ride, particularly for out-of-towners. However, to get the full benefit of the Mid-Mountain Trail, locals know it's best used as an access to all the great trails above and below it. Ride Mid-Mountain, see a trail peeling off to the side, take it, then work your way back to Mid-Mountain for some more rolling-flat fun, then take another trail and explore some more. Repeat until the legs are done.

First runner-up

Armstrong Trail » This trail offers riders another way to reach Mid-Mountain than from Spiro. The bonus? It is an uphill trail only for riders.

Second runner-up

Mag 7 »This trail outside Moab near Gemini Bridges is flowy, rocking and graced by amazing views.

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