The young Piedra Vista and Farmington High swimming and diving teams had a learning experience at the state competition last weekend.

PV sophomore Ammon Seavey was the lone scorer for either team, finishing 11th place in the one-meter diving competition.

Seavey's finish scored six points for the Panthers boys, placing them in a tie for 23rd with St. Michael's and Artesia out of the 28 scoring teams.

With the majority of both teams returning next season, PV and FHS head coach Mike Ortiz knew this meet was about his underclassmen gaining experience at a major competition.

"The big goal for the kids was to qualify for state," Ortiz said. "It's a step-by-step process. A lot of the kids knew coming in there was a huge disparity across the state, and they kept their goals modest. For a lot of them, it's about the experience. They haven't been at that level before."

Ortiz is hopeful that getting a big competition under their belts will help his returning swimmers moving forward into next season.

"For the underclassmen, they were always in a supporting role," Ortiz said. "This year, they were it. They have the leadership, but they just hadn't been there so there was that shock factor. They just haven't been in that A' role, but a lot of them have a chip on their shoulder. They all know they can do better, and it's a learning experience for anyone. Whether you have a bad race or a good race, you can always learn. They will know how to better prepare for the mental aspects of a meet like this next time.



Ortiz is expecting a big jump forward for PV's Seavey next season in the diving competition.

"He's go the most room to improve," Ortiz said. "For him, he knows he can do it. He has a lot going forward and knows he is as good as anyone. He's tasted it, and now he's going to work that little bit more."