Kirtland Central s Christian Mackey goes up for a shot over two Monument Valley, Ariz., defenders Thursday night at Bronco Arena in Kirtland.
Kirtland Central s Christian Mackey goes up for a shot over two Monument Valley, Ariz., defenders Thursday night at Bronco Arena in Kirtland. (Jesse Hankins/For The Daily Times)
Shiprock High's boys' and girls' basketball teams made a deep run in the state tournaments, helping three Chieftain players earn spots on all-state teams.

Lady Chieftain juniors Shania Harry and Taylor Henderson both earned second team honors on the New Mexico High School Coaches Association 2013 3A Girls All-State Basketball team and senior Patdric Toehe earned a second team nomination on the boys' side.

The only other player from San Juan County recognized was Kirtland Central junior Christian Mackey, who was named to the second team in the 4A boys' division.

Mackey's nomination was impressive, especially considering that the Broncos failed to make the field of 16 in the 4A state tournament.

“You probably could have made a strong case he should be on the first team. I think with the up and down season we had and the fact we didn't make the tournament hurt him,” said Kirtland Central head coach John Zecca. “There were a lot of great players in 4A this year, so it is a great honor for him to be recognized across the state.”

Mackey averaged 16.9 points per game and 12.1 rebounds this season, but he still wasn't named the District 1-4A Player of the Year.  Farmington High's Matt Huffhines took the local honor.

“I voted for Huffhines and Piedra Vista's (Ty) Jaquez. I was surprised they didn't get at least on the second team,” Zecca said. “They do it a little differently now and it isn't based on position anymore. They vote on the top players. I just think Huffhines definitely deserved it when you consider the season he had and what he meant to that team. A lot of coaches around the state don't get to see our teams up here. Mackey is fortunate to have people see him last year at the state tournament and then on his AAU (club) team. Huffhines and Jaquez don't really have that. I think if they had been seen more by other coaches, they would be on there.”

Shiprock boys' head coach Chester H. Atcitty Jr. was happy to see Toehe gain recognition because he knows just how hard it is to gain the vote of coaches around the state who didn't see Shiprock play until the state tournament.

The entire 3A boys first team was made up of private school athletes. Three of the five second-team players were also from private schools, leaving just Toehe and Pojoaque's Matthew Herrera as the only public school selections.

“I am very happy he is able to represent our school and our district on the all-state team,” Atcitty said. “It is a great achievement and honor for him to be in a category alone with those private school kids.
Shiprock s Patdric Toehe (42) rises up for a 3-point shot during the second half of Friday 3A state semifinal game against Hope Christian at The Pit in
Shiprock s Patdric Toehe (42) rises up for a 3-point shot during the second half of Friday 3A state semifinal game against Hope Christian at The Pit in Albuquerque. He is defended by Hope s Tommy Riley. (Jesse Hankins/For The Daily Times)
It shows we have a diamond in the rough that can compete with those jewels out there.”

Toehe averaged 11.5 points per game and 5.8 rebounds. He also dished out 3.8 assists per game this season.

“The competitive spirit he has, he was a great leader. He is going to be missed by me and his teammates,” Atcitty said.

Atcitty believed Kevin Aspaas was deserving of a look on the all-state team, and he hopes Toehe's nomination will inspire players such as Justin Begay and Hiram Gleason to strive to make the team next year.

“You practically have to win it all to get two or more players on there. It would be a great honor to get more of our players there,” Atcitty said.
Shiprock’s Taylor Henderson (31) takes a shot during Tuesday’s game against Taos at The Pit in Albuquerque.
Shiprock's Taylor Henderson (31) takes a shot during Tuesday's game against Taos at The Pit in Albuquerque. (Jesse Hankins/For The Daily Times)

Harry and Taylor Henderson will both look to add to their all-state résumé during the 2013-14 season after earning their spots as juniors.

It was the second time Taylor Henderson has been named to the second team. She was selected in 4A as a member of Kirtland Central in 2012.

“She didn't finish the way she wanted to at state, but she really helped on both ends of the floor with rebounding, creating plays, finding open people and making shots all year,” said Shiprock head coach and Taylor's father Larenson Henderson.

Taylor Henderson averaged 15.8 points per game and five assists. She went over the 30-point mark in a game twice during the season and over 20 points in nine.
Shiprock s Shania Harry (13) saves a ball while being pressured by a West Las Vegas defender during Friday night s state tournament game at the Chieftan
Shiprock s Shania Harry (13) saves a ball while being pressured by a West Las Vegas defender during Friday night s state tournament game at the Chieftan Pit in Shiprock. (Curtis Ray Benally/Special to The Daily Times)

“She is so versatile with all her weapons. She gets out there and does things. We needed her on the floor with all her experience. I am looking forward to seeing her leadership take another step up next year,” Larenson Henderson said.

Harry gave the team an invaluable asset on defense all season, Larenson Henderson said.

“She really put a lot of pressure on opposing teams with her speed. With her good hands and quick feet, she was able to apply enough pressure to force offensive players to dribble into our trap,” he said. “Or we would intercept passed or Shania was getting tips from behind. She really caused a lot of havoc for other teams.”

Harry had a great year getting out in transition after forcing turnovers. She finished at the rim with ease, but Larenson Henderson said her 3-point shooting ability was what really made her dangerous.

No Lady Chieftain seniors were selected to the North/South All-Star game, which had Larenson Henderson scratching his head.

“That is really surprising. We didn't get one nominated. I have at least one senior, Geovonia Harry, who is a top guard and really did a lot of things for us in the state tourney,” he said. “She is a great player and deserved to be there, but I know there is some favoritism.”

Larenson Henderson is excited to have Shania Harry and Taylor Henderson back next year, and he expects their experience in the state tournament to pay off big in 2014.

Zecca expects the same with Mackey in Kirtland as many of the Broncos from this year's team return more mature for the next season.

Zecca knows Mackey is hungry to get back to The Pit in Albuquerque, where he sparked the Broncos to a semifinal appearance in the 2012 state tournament by upsetting top-seeded Goddard in the quarterfinals.

“It was great to see him not have a let down after a great sophomore season he had. To average a double-double while drawing double and triple teams was impressive,” Zecca said. “He is always looking to improve. He has worked every day since the season ended, even though he is working in track, and will probably win state in the shot put and discus. He is in the gym every day and he is dunking the ball with both hands pretty easily now. Kids always want to do that, and he is at that point.”

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First team

Matt Huffhines (Farmington)
Christian Mackey (Kirtland Central)
Ty Jaquez (Piedra Vista)
Jake Armijo (Piedra Vista)
Wyatt Schlueter (Aztec)
Coach of the Year: Paul Corley (Farmington)
Player of the Year: Matt Huffhines (Farmington)

First Team

Bryce Alford (La Cueva)
Cullen Neal (Eldorado)
John Dawson (Clovis)
Joseph Garza (Las Cruces)
Zach Lee (Eldorado)
Second Team
DJ Blackmon (Clovis)
Tim Brennan (Sandia)
Dane Pannell (Hobbs)
Joe Anaya 9Valley)
Kai Williams (Las Cruces)

First Team

Ben Romero (Los Lunas)
Micah Sanchez (St. Pius X)
Brandon Saiz (Bernalillo)
Nic Staffrd (St. Pius X)
Chris Martin (Abq Academy)
Mario Ramirez (Santa Teresa)
Second Team
Anthony Olguin (Roswell)
Zeke Montoya (Artesia)
Tommy Lindgren (Abq Academy)
Christian Mackey (Kirtland Central)
Zach Martin (Belen)
Micahel Lopez (Capital)
Cesar Nava (Roswell)

First Team

Micah Murphy (Hope Christian)
Austen Drake (Hope Christian)
Jeff Groenewold (St. Mike's)
Jonny Doran (Sandia Prep)
Tommy Riley (Hope Christian)
Second Team
Patdrick Toehe (Shiprock)
Tyler Dorner (Sandia Prep)
Matthew Herrera (Pojoaque)
Kameron Romero (St. Mike's)
Salomon Martinez (St. Mike's)


1st Team
Taylor Billey (Kirtland)
Kaleigh Graham (Piedra Vista)
Morgan Smith (Aztec)
Shayna Carlowe (Farmington)
Kelseigh Simpson (Piedra Vista)
2nd Team
Keeshawna Ockerman (Kirtland Central)
Andrea Marris (Kirtland Central)
Marissa Kakos (Farmington)
Tyra Gabehart (Aztec)
Coah Charley (Piedra Vista)
Honorable Mention
Shamika Bennaly (Kirtland Central)
Jennifer Hastings (Kirtland Central)
Latricia Pinto (Kirtland Central)
Claudia Charles (Piedra Vista)
Jessica Kresl (Aztec)
Player of the year: Taylor Billey (Kirtland Central)
Coach of the year: Kevin Holman (Kirtland Central)

First Team

Danni Williams (Clovis)
Alexa Romano (La Cueva)
Daeshi McCants (Mayfield)
Kassandra Harris (Cibola)
Kerstin Strong (Eldorado)
Second Team
Astrea Reed (Sandia)
Shelby Jones (Clovis)
Hanna Fenske (Volcano Vista)
Brandi Gomez (Clovis)
Danielle Patterson (Hobbs)
Joursen Williams (Manzano)

First Team

Teige Zeller (Los Lunas)
Lauren Quintana (Espanola)
Natalie Zamora (St. Pius X)
Mariah Forde (Belen)
Sydney Mares (Grants)
Second Team
Tinaya Murphy (Los Lunas)
Sabrina Cabbage (Santa Fe)
Shanel Begay (Gallup)
Myla Brown (Roswell)
Ni'Asia McIntosh (Gallup)
Amy Horner (Artesia)


First Team
Marissa Perry (Hope Christian)
Bridget Lee (Santa Fe Indian)
Leala Longmier (Hope Christian)
Cori Haley (Lovington)
Cheyenne Cordova (Pojoaque)
Second Team
Taylor Henderson (Shiprock)
Kasey Howington (Hope Christian)
Jocelyn Jefferies (Lovington)
Armariz Antillon (Lovington)
Shania Harry (Shiprock)


First Team
Demetria Clichee (Navajo Pine)
Raquel Agunio (Laguna Acoma)
Kaitlin Chee (Navajo Pine)
Brianna Reyna (Texico)
Randi Romero (Laguna Acoma)
Second Team
Lacy Natseway (Laguna Acoma)
Kyanna Kowatch (Tularosa)
Krisha Artieda (Navajo Pine)
Chantel Rivera (Mora)
Jordyn Lewis (Ramah)
Kelsi Blanks (Clayton)
Mel Lucero (Texicto)