FARMINGTON — Students at Bluffview Elementary got a glimpse of Christmas around the world without leaving the school Tuesday evening.

Through a school-wide reading program, teachers and students together organized six displays of how people around the globe celebrate their holiday season. Students learned about Canada, Polynesia, China, Germany, Mexico and the Netherlands.

"Welcome to Canada. Can you feel the chill in the air?" asked Cathy Lund, physical education teacher at Bluffview, who helped the fifth-grade represent Canada.

Each grade represented a country, sharing the traditions of their nation through drawings, music, and a book that told a story of Christmas. Halls were decorated with paper-made Chinese lanterns, drawings of boots filled with toys, and self-portraits decorated in hula skits symbols of holiday celebrations outside of Farmington.

"It's for the kids to get excited," said third-grade teacher Sandra Rice. "It's kind of opening their eyes."

By visiting each grade's presentation, students received stamps on paper passports which they later turned in for a cup of hot chocolate and a book.

"We're promoting reading," Rice said.

Students also brought their parents and family members to get others involved.

"I think it's fun," said 8-year-old Angelica Polanco.