FARMINGTON — Aaron Raymond Sr. bowled for 30 years before he scored a perfect 300 last November.

When he did, he struck luck for the entire family.

He bowled another 300 in February, and then his nephew, Jaremiah Cruz, scored a 300 in this March. The evening of April 10, his son, Aaron Raymond Jr., and his brother, Dwayne Raymond, each got a 300.

"It's all in the family," said Aaron Raymond Sr.

The Bloomfield family, which is Navajo, is bringing its game to the Albuquerque Native Tournament today through Sunday in Albuquerque.

After placing first in the local Farmington bowling league, the family is optimistic about this weekend. But to them, bowling is also about bringing the family together.

"We do a lot of stuff around bowling. We went to New Orleans, and we bowled. We went to Las Vegas, and we bowled. All of our vacations are around bowling," said Aaron Raymond Sr.

He added that all of the family members including himÊ grew up bowling.

Aaron Raymond Sr. grew up at Farmington's Bowlero Lanes, after both his parents dove into the sport in 1970. His parents became attached to bowling and competed in tournaments across the country. As children, he and his brother, Dwayne Raymond, loved that their parents were always at the lanes.

"It was just play time for us," said Aaron Raymond Sr., noting that he raised his own children the same way and also at the same alley.

Both his son and daughter, Aaron Raymond Jr. and Mica Raymond, grew up watching their parents at Bowlero Lanes.

"If you get a boyfriend, or if you get married, they just join. You bring them bowling," Mica Raymond said.

Nearly a dozen members of the Raymond family are currently on league teams in Farmington.

Even one of the youngest cousins, Gerilynn "Sugar" Delegarita, has taken up the sport. The 8-year-old has earned a name for herself in the Youth Bowlers Tour and collected some scholarship money.
Aaron Raymond Sr. high-fives his family members after bowling a frame during league bowling at Bowlero Lanes on Wednesday.
Aaron Raymond Sr. high-fives his family members after bowling a frame during league bowling at Bowlero Lanes on Wednesday. (Augusta Liddic/The Daily Times)

"I aim for the arrows," Delegarita said, noting that she even beat her dad one time.

Her best bowling score so far has been 191, though she hopes to join the family line of 300s one day.

Aaron Raymond Sr., who has two perfect games under his belt, still recalls the nerve wracking final moments of bowling his first 300.

"It really hits you at the 9th or 10th frame. The worst part is everybody quits bowling, and they're watching and staring," he said.

He almost got another 300 last week, though he has had a million of those, he said. When strikes come as easily as they do to the Raymond family, there's a lot of "almosts," they said.

The family, though, is humble about all of the success. They high five each other every time after every turn. In between games, they laugh, jest and play cards.

"You want to come here and have a good time," Aaron Raymond Sr. said. "But deep down inside, you want to beat everybody."

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