FARMINGTON — Two San Juan County men were arrested in connection to a spate of drunken misbehavior on Saturday evening.

Police said they robbed teenagers at the skate park, raised a ruckus at the hospital and pelted cars with soda cans on Navajo Route 36 before crashing a truck.

Isaac Platero, a 27-year-old Aztec man, and Troy Becenti, a 24-year-old man who lives south of Bloomfield, each were charged with two counts of armed robbery and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Other charges may be forthcoming in connection to the crime spree on the western side of the city, police said.

Farmington police said Platero and Becenti drove into Brookside Park at 4:30 p.m. They started to fight with the skaters and hit the young adults with broken Bud Light beer bottles, according to court documents.

At least one person reportedly ran from the scene with a bloodied face but police weren't able to locate him, said Farmington Police Officer George Joy, who responded to the incident in the park.

Platero and Becenti allegedly confronted Daunty Williams and Jeron Begay, both 16, with broken beer bottles. The teenagers said Platero and Becenti stole their skateboards and threw the bottles at them, according to court documents.

Platero and Becenti then turned their attention to Shon Toledo, 16, who was driving his father's Chevrolet Impala with two friends and couldn't leave the park because Becenti had parked his blue GMC pickup directly behind the Impala, according to police.


Toledo told police Platero was enraged when he started pounding on Toledo's windshield with fists and beer bottles. The windshield splintered.

Platero then threw a beer bottle into the front passenger window, according to court documents, shattering glass over a young woman in the front seat.

Toledo rammed into Becenti's truck in attempt to escape and told police Platero and Becenti got into the truck and fled.

"It probably happened because (Platero and Becenti) are bullies and thought (the teenagers) were easy pickins'," Joy said. "Now they are facing serious charges."

The two men were next seen at the hospital, where Becenti's father was a patient on the second floor.

Hospital staff told police both men were highly intoxicated and rode skateboards through hallways before security guards escorted them from the building.

Police found Williams' skateboard in Becenti's father's hospital room.

Becenti and Platero then allegedly started driving toward Northern Edge Navajo Casino. On Navajo Route 36, Joy said, cans of Dr. Pepper were thrown from Becenti's truck into passing traffic.

At least one vehicle's windshield was shattered by a soda can, he said.

The men ended the alleged spree with a rollover wreck and were taken by ambulance to San Juan Regional Medical Center. They were treated by hospital staff and then arrested and booked into jail.

New Mexico State Police are investigating the alleged drunken driving crash, Joy said. The charges stem from the incidents at Brookside Park.

Joy said warmer weather can cause an increase in criminal activity at Brookside Park, which is a popular hangout for teenagers and young adults.

A 29-year-old was stabbed at the park about a month ago, which was the most serious crime in recent history. Joy said there can also be crimes related to drugs, alcohol and fights at the park.

"When you have large amounts of teens in an area it tends to be a target for predators," he said. "The vast majority of people who use (Brookside Park) are good kids and they like to ride their skateboards."

Joy said police will increase their presence at Brookside Park in the summer.

Kyle Desoto, a 25-year-old Farmington man, said he has been meeting friends at Brookside Park for more than 10 years. He said the park is much safer now than it was in the past.

Many of the confrontations stem from older people getting into arguments with the younger people who frequent the park.

"Sometimes there's older cats that come down here and flex their (muscles) at the younger kids," he said. "That's been happening for years."

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