FARMINGTON — Between her bald skinny tail, her wrinkly bulging belly, and her little pink tongue that sticks out all the time — little Addie may be the ugliest dog in town.

But, the ugliest dog in the world?

Addie, a ragged old chihuahua mix from Farmington, is returning to the World’s Ugliest Dog contest in Petaluma, Calif. next month.

Last year, she did not place.

“She’s too cute to win. She’s got some pretty stiff competition,” said her owner, Melissa Salyers, owner of Canine Castle, a doggie daycare facility in Farmington.

Salyers took in Addie about two years ago, when her friend’s father found the shriveled, toothless creature hobbling along U.
Jon Austria   The Daily Times
Jon Austria The Daily Times (The Daily Times)
S. Highway 64 in Kirtland.

Salyers told her friend that if no one responded to the Craigslist “found dog” ad, she would adopt the quivering little thing that walked with a crooked leg and a hump back.

Lucky her, she now has her own little lap dog.

Despite Addie’s slightly discomforting appearance, she is very friendly and loves getting treats.

She loves sleeping even more, about 20 hours a day.

Salyers thinks the pooch is about 15 years old, though she can’t be sure.

When the golden, scruffy-furred girl is awake, she is photogenic, staring back sleepily with big black eyes, one floppy ear and a lazy tongue that sometimes leaves slobber on her half-lower jaw.

No one knows what happened to the other half of her jaw, but no one really seems to care.

“Having an imperfect dog can be perfect,” Salyers said.

One of the reasons that Salyers so enjoyed the World’s Ugliest Dog competition last year was that she enjoyed meeting other people that appreciated their flawed furry friends.

“It’s a celebration of imperfections,” Salyers said, noting that all of the dogs are wonderfully behaved despite their frightening looks.

Addie will be up against about 30 other canines, most of whom are small breed dogs.

It is usually split, suprisingly, between mutts and purebreds.

At stake is a $1,500 award and the official trophy for World’s Ugliest Dog.

Most of the dogs come from California, where the competition is held, though a handful of dogs, such as Addie, come from out-of-state.

One dog last year came from England to compete.

In both categories, dogs will be able to win runner-up prizes ranging from $25 to $100 in cash.

The only requirements to enter — dogs must have their vaccinations in order, and owners must bring a water dish and a pooper scooper.

Jenny Kane covers the Navajo Nation for The Daily Times. She can be reached at 505-564-4636 or Follow her on Twitter @Jenny_Kane.