The fallen top of a 100-foot cottonwood tree on Sabena Street near Kokopelli Park in Aztec was to blame for a weekend power outage that lasted nearly four hours.

Up to 1,000 residents in and around the Kokopelli subdivision were affected by the loss of power on Sunday, according to Ken George, the city's electric director.

"The top half of the tree was dead and just decided to give way," George said. "The branches fell on a three-phase feeder line that services much of the area."

The incident occurred in the mid-afternoon and crews spent roughly three to four hours cutting away the fallen tree limbs, replacing power lines and a power insulator on an damaged pole before power was restored.

"We got the situation resolved as soon as was possible," George said. "We even assisted some pizza delivery guys who were stopped when we blocked the street temporarily. But we helped shepherd the pies through."

To report an emergency or outage, call the Electric Department at 505-334-7667.