FARMINGTON — A public works project that would put sidewalks and bicycle lanes on Foothills Drive has been tabled for further review.

The Farmington City Council has been discussing the approximately $6.6 million project since 2007, and city officials say now is the time for action.

Tuesday morning's proposal, however, only provided funding for design on half the project.

"It's disheartening to me that we're only talking to Lakewood (Drive)," said Councilman Jason Sandel.

Jeff Smaka, public works director, said the project is planned to be built out in phases.

The first phase carries a budgeted cost of $300,000 and provides design for street widening on Foothills Drive up to Lakewood Drive -- a distance of about 7,000 feet, Smaka said. The second design phase will cost another $300,000.

"I would like to see it all done at one time, rather than in phases," said Mayor Tommy Roberts. "In the planning stage, it seems like we should be looking at the entirety of Foothills."

The project's design should have been completed last year, Sandel said.

For Sandel, progress on the project has already fallen behind to unacceptable levels.

"While we're out researching 7,000 linear feet of Foothills, we might as well do the whole thing," he said.

Sandel proposed looking to the city's 408 fund -- a cash reserve used for one-time capital expenses -- to fund the additional $300,000 needed to design the whole project.

The project's design phase will last about one year once a contract is awarded, Smaka said.

Construction on the project's first phase will cost $3 million, he said. The second phase will cost another $3 million.

"(Construction) would be about two years out," Smaka said.

The Foothills improvement project is also part of a 20-year regional traffic plan that will provide a relief route to Aztec, he said.

For the city's elected officials, the need for action trumped future speculation Tuesday morning.

"I agree with Councilor Sandel in that we need to begin to make some progress on this project," Roberts said.

Greg Yee covers government for The Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4606 and Follow him @GYeeDT on Twitter.