A cityscape by Tina Farrow hangs on a wall at Studio 116
A cityscape by Tina Farrow hangs on a wall at Studio 116 (Courtesy art)

Farmington— Tina Farrow first met Robb Rocket a little less than two years ago when they were at an art show.

The two artists began to talk about their work. From there, their friendship expanded. After a few dates, on June 22, 2012, they got married.

"We just had a lot in common," Rocket said.

The couple will be Studio 116's featured July artists. A reception will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday at Studio 116, 116 W. Main St. in Farmington in conjunction with the Freedom Days festivities.

Farrow paints her life experiences of growing up and moving from state to state. Born in Roswell, Farrow grew up in California, Colorado and New Mexico. She said she always returned to New Mexico and spent part of her childhood in Farmington.

"My pieces kind of reflect who I am," she said.

After living in Albuquerque, where she studied art and painted commission portraits, Farrow returned to Farmington in 2010 and began to move away from commission paintings.

"I was always fascinated with light and reflections," Farrow said.

She said she paints the way light hits people and objects.

As a couple, Farrow and Rocket often travel, stopping in different towns to visit galleries and art walks.

Farrow enjoys painting cityscapes and will be displaying those during the show.

"I like traveling through my paintings," Farrow said.

One of the pieces Rocket will have in the show is entitled "Spam Bandits." It portrays aliens stealing Spam from a truck.

"As kids, we grew up eating Spam, and it was always on TV," Rocket said.

Rocket said he believes art should be done for entertainment.

"I just hope I can make someone smile," Rocket said.

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