What: Channeling Angelic Energy

When: 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday

Where: Fellowship of the Spirit, 2009 E. 13th St. in Farmington

Cost: Free. Donations accepted.

More info: 505-326-5103. Anyone interested should contact Fellowship of the Spirit to sign up before the event.

FARMINGTON — Throughout her life, Carol Ann Canzona says that people have helped her and provided her with what she describes as unconditional love.

She calls these people "earth angels."

Canzona, who is an angel therapy practitioner, will be coming to Farmington on Saturday to offer free angel readings.

Angels, Canzona said, unconditionally love and help people. An earth angel is someone who brings these qualities to earth and lives them out, she said. For Canzona, one of her earth angels was her grandmother.

"My grandmother had the brightest, kindest attitude of anyone I ever knew," Canzona said.

About 30 years ago, Canzona began journaling, recording her thoughts and feelings.


Then, about 14 years ago, something happened that Canzona can only explain as channelling angels. Canzona was sitting on her bed in her house on the upper Animas River. She was writing in her journal about a break up she had recently gone through and how sad she felt. All of a sudden, she started writing something completely different: "Most precious daughter, everything is going to be just fine."

She said she was surprised, but it felt good, so she continued to write.

A few weeks passed and she once again experienced what angel therapists call automatic writing.

After that, Canzona said she knew how connected everyone is to the other side, if they choose to be.

"I absolutely knew there was a benevolence that I could bring into my daily life," she said.

She said the most powerful experience she's had is when she channeled the Divine Father, who she describes as a benevolent, masculine angel.

"I think I channeled the Divine Father for a couple of years," she said.

Channeling him changed her perception of the male hierarchy. Before, she said it was hard for her to have a positive concept of men, based largely on her own history.

Her own father committed suicide when she was a young adult. Before that, she had a tumultuous relationship with him. She said her father took her out into the hills to teach her to drive. A six-pack of beer sat on the floor beside him. Canzona said she learned to drive because there was no way she wanted him to drive back. She also remembers when she was a child and her father brought people he met at the bar home at midnight and then woke up the whole family to meet them.

When she started automatic writing, Canzona was a high school counselor at Durango High School. She said having gone through her own darkness and having the knowledge that angels were there helped her counsel students.

But Canzona kept her thoughts about angels to herself. She said she felt that those thoughts would not be welcome in the public school system.

Eventually, she left school and traveled to Hawaii to take part in a workshop and get her angel therapy practitioners license. During that week, she attended different events and learned from a renowned practitioner, Doreen Virtue.

As an angel therapy practitioner, she does angel readings for people in the Four Corners Area. She said one of the main differences between doing angel readings for others versus herself is that often she doesn't know what the angels are talking about with others. For instance, she recently did an angel reading for her daughter using angel cards. The cards gave a message about music and a blessing in disguise. Her daughter later told her that a music gig she had been looking forward to had fallen through.

If people want to start automatic writing, Canzona said the best way to start is by writing a "dear angel" letter asking a question, and then start writing back.

She said angels are everywhere.

"They're the benevolent expression of God in the universe," Canzona said.

Hannah Grover covers news, arts and religion for The Daily Times. She can be reached at 505-564-4652 and hgrover@daily-times.com. Follow her @hmgrover on Twitter.