FARMINGTON — A pair of transportation improvement projects received the green light from Farmington City Council Tuesday evening.

The two projects, totalling about $6.7 million, will provide for sidewalks and bicycle lanes on Foothills Drive, and signage for a proposed $135,000 downtown gateway.

Tuesday evening's vote authorized city staff to begin architectural and engineering negotiations for a $300,000 design on the first half of the Foothills project, and a $30,000 design of the downtown signs.

City staff will also begin preparing a proposal for the second half of the Foothills widening project, which is projected to cost another $300,000.

The city needs to complete the design on Foothills, Councilor Dan Darnell said.

The project's first construction phase will cost $2.5 million. The second could cost about $3 million.

If the project is not "shovel ready," the state is unlikely to grant funding, Darnell said.

"We need to move this project along as quickly as possible," he said.