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FARMINGTON — A warrant has been issued for one of the men police say was involved in a shootout in Farmington that left one man dead and others injured.

Lawrence Kellywood, 26, will be arrested for the attempted murder of Michael Tafoya, 27, said Farmington police Detective Sgt. Brandon Lane.

Kellywood is recovering from gunshot wounds at San Juan Regional Medical Center. A police officer was guarding him at the hospital and when doctors release Kellywood, he will be arrested and booked into jail on a $300,000 bond, Lane said.

On Monday, the hospital upgraded Kellywood's condition to fair, said Kathryn Pettijohn, a spokeswoman for San Juan Regional Medical Center. He was in serious condition on Sunday afternoon.

Lane said police believe there were "at least three shooters and possibly more" who fired more than 10 rounds during a shootout on Saturday night.

Lane said Kellywood walked up to Tafoya's door, at 101 E. Hopi St., and started shooting into the duplex.

"From the information we have now there was not a whole lot of dialogue before the shooting," Lane said.

The motive for the shooting is unclear, Lane said.

The first call to police came at 8:37 p.m. from inside the home on Hopi. The caller reported that a man in a hooded sweatshirt was shooting into the home, Farmington police Lt. Taft Tracy said. Tracy couldn't confirm whether Tafoya was the caller, but the man on the phone said he had been shot.

Tafoya was shot in the left arm and armpit, police said. He was in good condition at the hospital on Sunday. He could not be reached for comment on Monday.

Farmington police patrol officers arrived at the scene at 8:39 p.m., two minutes and 12 seconds after the shooting was reported, Tracy said.

Officers found Christopher Valdez, 40, dead in the street near Hopi and Orchard Avenue. He was shot once in the chest.

Neighbors on Monday placed flowers near the spot where he died.

Police believe that Valdez, who lived on Orchard several homes north of Tafoya's house, was checking to see what was going on when he was fatally wounded, Lane said.

It's not yet clear who fired the shots that killed Valdez. It's possible there could be criminal charges filed against the person who fired the shots that caused Valdez's death, Lane said. On Saturday night, an armed police officer guarded Valdez's body until a person from the Office of the Medical Investigator arrived on scene.

"That body is now evidence and we have to preserve evidence," Tracy said. "People sometimes ask why we don't cover the person up, but we're not supposed to do that because it can contaminate" evidence.

After finding Valdez' body, police found Tafoya and Kathleen Keck, 26, wounded in Tafoya's home. Keck was shot in the right arm and left chest and is expected to survive.

Police believe once Kellywood started shooting into Tafoya's home, Tafoya returned fire, Lane said.

Police recovered four guns from the crime scene, including two handguns that were used in the shooting.

Lane said Kellywood left the scene before police arrived. An unknown person dropped him off at San Juan Regional Medical Center to be treated for gunshot wounds to the face and arm several minutes after the shooting.

Mark Leiba, Kellywood's stepfather, said Kellywood was shot under his chin. The bullet shattered several of his teeth and exited his cheek. Leiba said Kellywood had his jaw wired shut.

He said he hadn't talked to Kellywood about the shooting.

Levi Wilson, a 31-year-old Kirtland man, arrived at the hospital to be treated for gunshots wounds late Saturday night. He was shot in his left hand and right arm.

Wilson told police he was shot in a separate incident.

Lane said investigators spoke with Wilson on Monday. He didn't say whether police think Wilson had a role in the Hopi Street shooting.

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