SHIPROCK — Two people, including one officer, were injured after a shooting Friday night.

At about 9:30 p.m., Navajo Nation police officers responded to a report of a disturbance at the Chaco River Apartments, located at U.S. Highway 491 and Navajo Road 509 in Shiprock.

An altercation ensued, and one man was shot, according to the FBI. His injuries are not considered life-threatening.

An officer was also stabbed in the foot. Witnesses said that they saw an injured female officer carried to a police car shortly after the shooting.

The identities of the injured have not been released.

The FBI, New Mexico State Police and Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety are investigating the shooting. Farmington police were also dispatched to the scene.

Jonathan Watchman was returning home with his wife, newborn baby and cousin when he found his apartment surrounded by police officers, who told him he couldn't go inside because the apartment was under lockdown. Because they needed to get diapers and formula for the baby, officers escorted the family into the house.

Once inside, Watchman discovered that bullets had pierced the wall on the west side of his apartment, entering the bedroom. He said the bullets appear to have come from apartment 624. He and his family live in apartment 622.

"Me, my wife and baby are always in the area where shots came through," Watchman said.

The family was given a room at a hotel in Farmington and told to return Saturday morning.

Watchman is a father of three boys, but he only had the youngest with him Friday night. He said they were lucky that the other two went home with an aunt.

Michael Descheenie, who lives in the apartment complex, said he saw police officers and firefighters carry a female police officer and place her into a police car shortly after the shooting.

Descheenie said he heard the gunshots.

"I was standing here talking with the kids, and I heard bang, bang, bang, bang," he said, standing on his porch at the apartment complex.

Descheenie said he originally thought it was people banging on a barrel. He said it sounded like eight shots were fired, and then "a whole swarm of police" drove by.

He said he was shocked by the event.

"Three years living here, its always quiet, peaceful," Descheenie said. "Hardly any police activity."

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